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Al Fitri Muhammad Zachky a.k.a Alfi Zachkyelle was Born in Jakarta, September 22nd 1977. This comic hobbyist studied in Visual Communication Design in Jakarta Art of Institute (IKJ).

Since 1994 - 2013, Alfi Zackhyelle has been active in making comics, performing exhibitions, and teaching comic in art universities and school around indonesia. He also founded comic community such as Graveyardshift studios, United kingdom of dragon and SEKTE KOMIK. He also work as a professional illustrator, art director, character designer, visual consultant and Freelance Visualizer for several corporates, NGO's, and advertising institution such as Mc Cann, Y&R Wundermann, FCB, TBWA, OGILVY, LEOBURNETT, Octovate, Infinity Framework Studios, Bank of Indonesia, Help ev, AR&Co and many more. Alfi also winning some award and representated of his country in some International Comic Event.

He has completed more than 30 titles of comics including Graphic Novel, outgoing Series, Anthology and Strip comic. His debut title, "DUA WARNA", was published by one of the major comic publishing company, m&c! comics. This title establishes Alfi as one of the major comic artist/creator in Indonesia. At the present, Alfi is working on his next title for Arcana Publishing: An Anthology - Steampunk Originals III  & IV "Shiva's House", that is scheduled to be published next year.And the other tittles VIENETTA  ft the stupid aliens-Lagu Untuk Foja ( M&C! Gramedia ),NERAKA BORNEO (Cendana Publishing ), MANTRA PAWITRA (Publisher: Terrant Books), AARGH Anthology (Publisher: ANALPABETH BOOKS), GO HOME Anthology (Asia Europe Comic Project), 7 Anthology (CAB Press) etc.

Early January 2009,Alfi produced and directed an animation TV Series VATALLA Sang Pelindung on a local TV station TRANS7, based on his comic Vienetta with AZNF Pictures as production house. And at the end of June 2012 Alfi has produced several service Animation : DUNIA AIR & DUNIA BINATANG ( TRANS7), CACING & KOMPLOTAN KESAYANGANNYA based on best seller book by Ajhn Brahm, DHARMATOON ( Ehipassiko ), Music Video The RAIN and The FABLE & an animation documenter about SENO GUMIRA (TVONE).

End of December 21,2012, Alfi and his wife Mey Zachkyelle from V Cosplay decided to closed AZNF Pictures and founded an Intelectual Property Boutique, KAMPOONG MONSTER.They are focusing on Management IP ( Intelectual Property ) asset (character,environment etc), comic concept, production animation, cosplaying, music, and self character toys. In June 6, 2013 KAMPOONG MONSTER merged with an established animation studio, PATOPO Studio and founded PT PAWITRA MEDIA NUSWANTARA. End of January 2015 Alfi left Kampoong Monster Studio and work independenly as IP Creator. Now Alfi under agreement with one of biggest comic publishing in U.S as Comic Artist.


COMICS  Based own IP
Revolution (Anthology ),Diary Uwo, Dongeng Jalangkung, Kisah Bawah Tanah,Lutung Kasarung,Alienesia Negeri Impian, Bang Mbek, Operasi Milea, Kisah Sepotong Keju ( Anthology ).Ketika Bintang Bersinar & 13 lover and stupid Daddy ( Anthology ),Strip Mural Fest Food,Strip Burger n cuty bitchy,Daily Strip ( online comic),Anti Torture ( Anthology ),Petualangan Tiggy,Lamaran,Elf Slayer & Anti Virus ( Anthology ).
Dua Warna series 1 to 4  – M&C! Gramedia
Vienetta ft The stupid Aliens "Lagu Untuk Foja"  – M&C! Gramedia
Mantra Pawitra – Terrant Books
Larasati – Bank Indonesia
Nusavalla – Bank Indonesia
Antologi 7 – Curhat Anak Bangsa
The Wing – Analphabeth books ( Czech )
Go Home – Rojak ent ( Singapore )
Neraka Borneo – Cendana Publishing
Shiva’s house - Steampunk Original Anthology III - Arcana Publishing ( U.S.A )
Rise of Nuswantara - Steampunk Original Anthology VII - Arcana Publishing ( U.S.A )


Creator,Producer,Writer & Director animation TV series“Vatalla Sang Pelindung” - Trans 7 (Jakarta )
Creator,Producer,Writer & Director animation Music Video “Bila Hatimu” THE RAIN ( Jakarta )
Creator,Writer & Director  “ Vienetta Negeri Terakhir ”. bekerjasama dengan Telkom Indonesia ( Bandung )
Creator,Writer & Director  web series “ Nagi and Friends ” (Bandung )
Creator,Writer & Director short animation  “7 Arca ” - W.I.P ( Bandung )
Art Director & Concept Artist  “Gooseberry Project” Indonesian part -Blender Foundation W.I.P( Netherland)
Creator,Writer & Director short animation “ Dedication of Life - Jokowi ” - W.I.P ( Jakarta )
My Story


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